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Real training, real people

Be part of the CryptoHubAcademy ICO and you get to participate in our real-life on-site hands-on cryptocurrency training. Our team of specialist offers you a 3-day intensive training covering all aspects of ICO-s, social media, tech, trading, financial and legal. Each module is presented in an easy-to-understand way but with a hands-on approach to maximize training efficiency. We provide hardcopies of the modules and all supporting materials.

Membership in an elite community

Networking is key to succeed in any business. That's why CrypthoHubAcademy is not just a place of study but also a place to meet likeminded individuals. We offer membership plans for continuous learning and networking, members-only newsletters, notices, webinars and live events. By taking part in CrypthoHubAcademy ICO you'll also be the first to know about our future projects.

Coins in the wallet

Purchasing a slot at the CryptoHubAcademy also gets you CHA tokens. These tokens can be redeemed for future selected events or other business ventures. Cryptocurrencies are the future of financial transactions and asset management. Large corporations and supranational agencies like IMF are already endorsing blockchain technology and work on finding new ways to harvest its benefits.


We are launching a total of 20,000,000 CHA during the ICO. Our CHA tokens are vouchers to be redeemed for learning and knowledge resources from our CryptoHubAcademy or other endeavors. Our main product is our signature on-site 3-day CryptoHubAcademy Bootcamp, but all the participants will be able to exchange their CHA tokens with one of our digital products.

Pre-ICO special

During pre-ICO we would like to give the blockchain and crypto currency community the possibility to participate at our signature CryptoHubAcademy Bootcamp for as low as 10,000 CHA (10 ETH).


The participation during the pre-ICO is 10,000 CHA (10 ETH).
Minimum participation during the ICO is 100 CHA (0,1 ETH).
Maximum participation during the ICO is 50,000 CHA (50 ETH).

Bonus program

During the pre-ICO/ICO we also offer the following bonuses to our customers:

  • Pre-ICO 15-20 November + 40% CHA
  • ICO 20-31 November + 40% CHA
  • ICO 01-21 December + 30% CHA


  • Our signature CryptoHubAcademy Bootcamp is 10,000 CHA in pre-ICO, 15,000 CHA during the ICO and 20,000 CHA after the ICO period ends
  • Complete guide video with all support material shipped to you 1,000 CHA
  • Access to our online courses starting from 100 CHA



All the basic info about the cryptocurrencies, blockchain revolution,and distributive apps. All in an easy and graphic way using Agile method.

Let's build it

A new crypto currency will be created with multiple features included during the course using best practices and specialized tools.

Legal & Finanace & Marketing

Up to date regulatory informations that can exected a new crypto currency or a digital crypto asset. Marketing strategies and Finance tips.

Hands-on training

Accommodation, meals and training facilities are provided in a 5 star hotel on a river bank. Welcome and goodbye dinners, amazing social events and a lot more.

All inclusive & Fun

All the modules are covered by our specialised trainers and the support materials are included.


English Whitepaper


French Whitepaper


Spanish Whitepaper


Chinese Whitepaper


German Whitepaper


Russian Whitepaper


Bootcamp and curriculum

Intensive training

It is all inclusive experience, 3 days with 7 hours per day of classes. At the end of the boot camp you will be able to create your own cryptocurrency from scratch. During each Series we will have 10 participants and 7 trainers. The whole curriculum is based on the Agile methodology in order to provide a standardized and efficient way to achieve the proposed scope the training.

Covered packages

Several topics are covered during the Bootcamp. The participants get an in-depth training in the usage of blockchain technologies starting from token creation, ICO related social media coverage tips and tricks, finance and trading options, coin mining and legal/regulatory informations necessary for an ICO. All modules are organized in a incremental and connected way offering


At the end of the Bootcamp a new ICO will be launched based on the participants' choice. Each of the participants of the Bootcamp leave with a solid knowledge package including hard- and softcopies, plans and templates. They will have all the tools needed for a successful new cryptocurrency journey of their own.

Location and facilities

A city full of opportunities

The Boot Camp will take place in one of the Art Nouveau capitals of Europe: Oradea, Romania. The location can be easily reached from London, Munich, Dusseldorf, Milan and Barcelona with a 2-2:30 hours flight. In World Bank's latest report Oradea is one of the top 4 cities to do business in Romania making it a suitable location for our Bootcamp.

Oradea center
Oradea fortress

Lodging and boarding

The Bootcamp is organized in a presitigous business hotel in Oradea, Romania, less than 10 minutes from the city center and close the one of the largest spas in Europe. Three meals a day, coffee breaks and cocktail vouchers are included. Companions are welcomed and special activites will be organzied for them through our 1+1 package.

Fun Included

Work hard, play hard! Depending on the season we organize both indoor and outdoor activites from sightseeings to sports activites. There’s a special event every night for all the participants and their companions. Welcome and closing parties, traditional dinners and social events are part of the package. Let’s enjoy it together!

Oradea by night

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